DHM - Dihydromyricetin

DHM is the main ingredient in Good Morning.

Dihydromyricetin, Ampelopsin, Japanese raisin tree, Hovenia Dulcis Extract, Kenpo Nashi, Magic Bean Tree.
DHM Goes by many names. 

Good Morning

DHM is the main ingredient in Good Morning, but in it's raw form isn't very bioavailable. In a sense, your body doesn't take much of it in. Its absolute bioavailability hangs around 4% [2]. DHM has this problem because it isn't water soluble.

And even though your body takes in low amounts of DHM, it still has a long history as an herbal tea. This long history as an herbal tea comes from mitigating alcohol's negative effects [3]. Going all the way back to Japan in the year 659. That's not all. There are lots of claims stating DHM has antioxidant, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory properties.

So DHM is great, right? Well, we made it better. We'll get to how later.
So, why is DHM so important, and why are we spending so much time looking into its background?
We don't do it only to fill up space. There is one simple reason.

DHM is our backbone.

This piece does the most out of all others in the war on hangovers. Fighting the good fight on both ends for the removal of toxins and preventing the rebound effect.

It's a natural herbal extract from japanese rasin trees, a liver boosting super supplement flavanonol. It works wonders for protecting you from hangovers.


How does it do that? Here's a brief explanation for you.

Acetaldehyde is the toxic hangover inducing molecule that is produced when you drink. So, you drink and then more and more acetaldehyde builds up. Your liver breaks this down, but slowly. Too slowly. DHM speeds this up. DHM speeds this up and protects your liver by working with your body's natural functions and enhancing them. Enhancing your enzymatic activity. More details here: How it works.

The second reason (turns out there is more than one) is that..

Good Morning's DHM is Exceptional.


We made a simple, yet effective improvement to DHM's bioavailability problem. We made DHM water soluble. Increasing the water solubility makes your body to absorb it easier.
How was this done?
We used a starch as a Trojan horse. By placing DHM inside it (the starch is water soluble) makes DHM water soluble and we see improvements in water solubility by 10 fold. No kidding. No exaggerations [4].

This significantly increases DHM's bioavailability and it's effectiveness when taken. In turn, turning your mornings back into good mornings.

You can wake up refreshed and ready to go.

What about the other ingredients?

The other pieces in good morning are compliments to DHM.
Read more here: Other ingredients.


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